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Element 27 Design offers a variety of graphic design-related services combining traditional design with digital media. Contact us to discuss any project you might have.

Graphic design
The graphic design services we offer range from logo development and branding/identity packages to the design and layout of ads, brochures, and just about any type of marketing collateral. Element 27 will develop your project from concept through completion, whether it is a printed piece, placed ad, or full campaign.

Website design
Reinforce your web presence with a professional design branded with your look and targeted at your audience. Element 27 offers website architecture, design, and development. Although we do not directly offer servers or hosting services, we will work with you to secure a domain name and host if needed.

Photo retouching
From the removal of dust, tears, and scratches, to complete image manipulation, we employ Adobe Photoshop and other tools to fix or improve existing photographs, whether they are digital, slides, or prints.

Digital illustration
Original illustrations, created digitally using a variety of media and techniques. Whether done as part of a larger design project or on a per-illustration commission basis, we can start with anything from concepts to sketches and create a unique image for your specific needs.

Macintosh consulting
We have been working with Macs since 1994. Our services range from the design and set-up of graphics workflows to advice on upgrades, on-site hardware installation, and general troubleshooting.

Technical writing
Product reviews, opinion pieces, and general pieces on computer and design-related topics.